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by: MYMobile Security ( Free ) | Updated On: 14 October 2015

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Operating System: Android 2.0 and up
Size: 1.9MB
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Category:  Android, Security

MYAndroid Protection Security is the best security app designed to guard android devices against anti-theft, credit card, identity theft, malicious, antivirus and malware software besides providing back up, data recovery with real time monitoring and customer support.

This MYAndroid Protection Security app keeps an eye on incoming viruses and scans the android device SD memory card along with the built-in memory for viruses at very quick rates with the real time monitoring feature. The backup option of this app protects your valuable contacts stored in your device even if something goes wrong to the device. You are given options to store the contacts in your external SD memory card or even register an online account to save them on web.

The antitheft feature is just an outstanding feature that locates your phone remotely with the GPS utility that safeguards, locks up, or delete any personal content instilled in your costly investment against loss or theft. Thus, MYAndroid Protection Security Android OS is a resourceful suite to protect private and important data on your android device along with incredible safeguarding features.

Free download MYAndroid Protection Security android app or MYAndroid Protection Security Free Android APK on your phone easily and quickly.The program MYAndroid Protection Security for Android is developed by MYMobile Security. The MYAndroid Protection Security app will support Android 2.2 and up operating systems, Available at free of cost; Requires Android phone or Tablet, download MYAndroid Protection Security android app or Download MYAndroid Protection Security Android APK File on app directory for your mobile.

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