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by: LINE Corporation ( FREE ) | Updated On: 13 October 2015

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Version: 1.0.39 License Type: FREE
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Operating System: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 4.7 MB
Downloads:  835
Category:  Security

LINE Antivirus APK Download

LINE Antivirus is a  free antivirus app for Android Mobiles and tablets, LINE Antivirus for Android Protect your mobile device from viruses, malicious programs, high-risk apps and  this free security app protect your personal information.

LINE Antivirus Free android app developed by LINE Corporation. This antivirus android app will support Android 2.2 and above operating systems, available for free and Requires Android mobiles or Tablets. Now you can Free Download LINE Antivirus Android APP for free on your Android Device or you can Download LINE Antivirus Android APK file for those who can’t download from the Google Play Store. Download LINE Antivirus APK File and install it on your Android phone or tablet Free from app directory.



LINE Antivirus Features

Simple one-touch checks let you stay in control!
Check for any malicious programs or for any other malware on your smartphone in just a few seconds.

A detailed scan is also an option: Simply select “Full Scan”.

Real-Time Monitoring for Maximum Protection
As well as detecting malicious programs, this function alerts you immediately of any abnormal operations by applications and any threats to your security through the widget and notification bars; enabling you to deal with high-risk situations as quickly as possible.

Check which apps access your personal information at a glance
This feature allows you to easily check which of your information the apps installed on the device are accessing, such as contact information, location information, calling history etc.

You choose!

You can determine which apps are high-risk and delete them as necessary, while apps which you trust can be added to the app’s “Safe Apps” list.

Choose how you want the app to work
As well as adding trusted apps to a Safe Apps list, you can configure which contents to scan for as well as choosing to have Real-Time Monitoring switched on or off.

New anti-smishing feature
Smishing, or SMS phishing, is a hacking method that gathers personal information or causes monetary loss through the spreading of malicious apps via URLs sent through SMS messages.
LINE Antivirus protects you from such threats with its new anti-smishing feature.

New Where’s My Phone feature
By enabling this feature, you can receive emails with the location information and photos from the phone’s cameras at a selected frequency when the phone is lost. Location information and photos will be sent to you at regular intervals until the phone’s battery dies completely.

One-touch optimization feature
Clean up your smartphone’s usage history and RAM with a single touch to help it run smooth as butter.

Secure File Deletion
Files can now be securely deleted, ensuring that no personal information can be leaked when changing devices or losing your phone.

Addition of the App Management Feature
Manage apps that have been installed on your device for a long time and apps that haven’t been used in a while.

Keep your smartphone safe!
We hope you enjoy using LINE Anti-Virus!