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Google Plus App for Android Free Download

by: Google Inc. ( Free ) | Updated On: 17 February 2016

Version: License Type: Free
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Operating System: Android, iPhone
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Category:  Android, iphone, Social Network

googleplus app for mobile

Google Plus App for Android

Free Download Google Plus App latest version on your phone easily from app directory.

Google Plus App is a free Social Network android app, This application for Android is developed by Google Inc. Available for free of cost; Requires Android Mobile or Tablet.

Google Plus (Google+) App for Android & iPhone devices which can share the various thoughts of you with other people and the location of the person can also be shared. The videos and photos that are taken can be immediately uploaded into the mobile memory by this feature. The people who lie in the nearby friends stream can give you update on the news in that region. The posts made by the people can be viewed from the people surrounding you. Group messaging can be performed using this tool. The Google+ (Google Plus application is found to be compatible for the android devices like 2.2+ and 1.5+.

The mobile web browser can be accessed for going into the website or into the iPod Touch device. The messenger conversations can be made and the messages can be posted through the instant messaging system. The mobile hangouts that are accessed by Google+ can make the people to perform video chatting with about nine friends. You can enter into the group discussions that were going on already.


  • – Follow what friends, family, and interesting people around the world are sharing
  • – Join communities to explore interests and find people with similar passions
  • – Automatically back up photos and videos at full resolution
  • – Bring photos to life with Auto Awesome, including animated GIFs, movies, stories and more