Tiny Flashlight + LED

Tiny Flashlight + LED for Android

by: Nikolay Ananiev ( Free ) | Updated On: 13 October 2015

Version: 5.0.2License Type: Free
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Operating System: Android 1.5 and up
Size: 998kb
Downloads:  1815
Category:  Android, Tools

Download Tiny Flashlight + LED – The design of the application called tiny flashlight plus LED in the android instrument specifically helps the device to make use of LED feature that is already embedded in it. This Free flashlight app is actually a flashlight based one which works by using the complimentary LED present in the device. The latest version of this application that is available in the market is 5. This Tiny Flashlight + LED app will simply remain in compatibility mode if the LED feature is absent in the android mobile.

The Free flashlight app called “Tiny flashlight” makes the android to function as lamp and is found to be useless in the devices which do not have camera LED. This application supports all the devices which have camera LED. It provides rapid and bright flash lighting device in the android market. A variety of widgets can be chosen for this application to work. It supports variety of screen lights such as police lights, morse code and strobe. This Tiny Flashlight + LED app enhances the quality of the flash lighting system. Tiny Flashlight + LED helps in taking pictures and videos and controls the lighting system. In the instruments which do not have camera LED, screen lights can be used for flash lighting purpose.

Tiny Flashlight + LED for android

Tiny Flashlight + LED