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by: Topnet999 ( free ) | Updated On: 13 February 2016

File Name: Sketch Free 2_v2.0_go4mobileapps.apk
Version: 2.0 License Type: free
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Operating System: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 1.8MB
Downloads:  1211
Category:  Android, Multimedia, Tools

Sketch Free 2 App for Android

Free Download Sketch Free 2 App latest version on your phone easily from app directory.

Sketch Free 2 App is a free Tools android app, This application for Android is developed by Topnet999. Available for free of cost; Requires Android Mobile or Tablet.

Sketch Free 2 is a tool that is used for sketching purpose in android devices. This Sketch Free 2 for android tool will help the user to draw something on the screen. The image color and the width of the pen can be altered using this tool. The pictures drawn are stored in SD card. This Sketch Free tool has many facilities to make the drawing easily. It has features like undo, color picker, clearing the picture, has eleven brushes and an eraser, and an option to store the picture to the SD.

Sketch Free 2 for android tool also has the option of sharing the picture through electronic mail and MMS. The picture view can be made as full screen using an available option in this tool. The recent version of this tool is 1.2, which is observed to be compatible for the version 2.1 and higher versions of the android operating system. This Sketch Free 2 android tool will provide creative assistance in artistic drawing that can be done in just few seconds. Among the various styles that are available for making the sketch, the pencil, pen and ink drawing are some while several other secondary renderings are available for improving the quality of the picture.

Free download Sketch Free 2 android app on your phone easily and quickly.The program Sketch Free 2 for Android is developed by Topnet999. The Sketch Free 2 app will support Android 2.2 and up operating systems, Available at free of cost in Google Play Store; Requires Android phone or Tablet, download Sketch Free 2 Free android app or Sketch Free 2 Free android apk file on app directory for your mobile.

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