Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat is all about virtual onscreen feline that repeats what you say with great repetition of voices/noises, cool graphics and lots of cool sound effects. This fun character will keep you entertaining all the way on the move with tremendous amount of charm no matter what age group you happen to be.

When Tapping Tom is repeatedly hit on his head makes him fall straightly, whilst rubbing his tummy makes him happy resulting in a purring sound. All his body parts are interactive with a matter of poke, tap, and stroke making this application a juvenile one. Simulate the petting Tom Cat or give him a carton of milk, knock him down, Tap Tom on the head where you’ll hear a slightly disturbing slapping sound, poke on his belly you’ll hear an unsettling retching sound. What not? It’s just a funny application to go with when you are left all alone waiting at a dentist or travelling.

Record your funny interactions and sessions with Tom the cat and share them with your friends on YouTube, Face book and more.

Download from Outfit

Developer website: Outfit  | Operating System: Android, iphone, i Pad

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