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Talking Pierre the Parrot Free for Android & iOS

by: Out Fit7 ( Free ) | Updated On: 13 September 2014

Version: 3.1License Type: Free
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Operating System: Android, iOS
Size: 17.8 MB
Downloads:  4112
Category:  Android, Entertainment, iphone

Talking Pierre the Parrot Free is a very familiar game application designed by the developers of Tom, Talking Ben or Talking Santa. It is an absolute fun filled android app with the most lovable character of “Talking parrot” that is not just admired by millions of people all across the world. Like all the previous editions, Pierre parrot also creates lot of funny noises and destruction’s to appeal kids and adults altogether.

Talking Pierre the Parrot

Talking Pierre the Parrot

• Generally, we expect the parrot to repeat the words we utter like the previous versions but the twist in “Talking Pierre the Parrot” app mesmerizes you to a really far extent. Besides, repeating your words, the app is so made to retain the words you repeat at the arbitrary store, later on whenever you wish to.
• Talking Pierre “the Parrot” is just unpredictably astonishing and active that lives in the Talking tom’s kitchen. It is one of the best apps till date for iPad and iphone.
• The parrot keeps a smile on users face with its astonishingly designed features.
• If one touch its ears its eyes pops up.
• When you utter something, the Pierre parrot creates a new jokey out of the words.
• When the sweet Pierre Parrot spells something wrong then the Talking Tom comes in and corrects the Parrot creating great sense of humor.

Download Talking Pierre the Parrot Free application free of cost and add season of slapstick to your gadget. One thing to keep in mind while running the app for the first time is to download additional 4- 28 MB to acquire the high quality graphics for your device.

Talk as much as you can to Pierre and enjoy amazing and great entertainment.

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