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Pdanet+ Android USB Tether & Bluetooth DUN

by: June Fabrics Technology Inc ( Free ) | Updated On: 15 September 2014

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Operating System: Android
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Among the most popular android applications, Pdanet+ Android  is considered as all the time useful application. This Pdanet+ Android App is used for sharing of internet that is already accessed by the android mobile with the computer. This Android App need not have access to the root coding of the device. It is found to be functioning effectively in all android mobiles. Pdanet+  is known to be beneficial in giving support to the Bluetooth DUN and USB Tether. PdaNet is the software that can be used in connecting the computer with the Wi Fi or any data service or VPN that is connected via the mobile. Pdanet+ Android is found to be able to manage the downloading speed of around 35Mbps through the USB.

PdaNet for Android

This is observed as the most rapid tethering software that is present for android mobiles. Every new version of PdaNet adds up a new feature to the software. Pdanet+ Android has the ability to allow more than one connection to be established between the computer and mobile. The version 2.15 is known to support USB tethering in the Macintosh as well. The version 4.17 is found to be associated with Fox Fi support.

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