MP3 Cutter for Android

MP3 Cutter for Android


MP3 cutter is the application in the android device used for cutting the most desired part of the MP3 song and later using it for the purpose of ringtone.MP3 cutter is known to manage almost many of the MP3 encoders irrespective of the problem creating ones and can be run in the background and the process can be notified when it is finished. The song part that is cut can be stored in the sdcard. MP3 cutter is not found to be actively functioning for cutting the MP4 file  even if the file is renamed as MP3 while downloading.

In the latest versions some changes have occurred in the presentation of this application. The cut songs can be tagged with ID3v1 tags. A library is prepared after media scanning and can be fixed by this application. Other feature of this tool is that the priority of its installation is given to the external memory v1.1.1. The maximum of thirty characters in the song are assembled in the list of the items collected by the MP3 cutter.


operating system:Android 2.0.1 and above




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