Internet Download Manager for android

Internet download manager (IDM) for Android

Internet Download Manager for android


The Internet download manager (IDM) is yet another beneficial application for android devices. The IDM is the short form for this application and is popular for the android users to enjoy the rapid downloading of the files. This application is available for windows as the paid version as well as in the form of free version while android market provides this as free application for the mobile. The IDM tool helps the android users to enhance the speed of downloading few hundred times. The interrupted downloads can be resumed and rescheduled by this application.

This tool has extensive capability of error recovery and restarting the stopped downloads that might occur due to several reasons like network bugs, shutdown of the computer and unexpected power cuts. The IDM feature can be activated in the android devices by just clicking the link in the browser once. This stimulation is accelerated by the IDM tool. This tool is found to be supporting the internet protocols like https, http and ftp. This tool is easy to be installed, has the advantage of automatic virus checking facility and instantly integrates with any browser to catch up with the download process going on there and accelerates it.

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