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Fingerprint Lock for Android

by: ( free ) | Updated On: 13 September 2014

Version: 1.0.7License Type: free
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Operating System: Android 1.6 and up
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Category:  Android, Entertainment

Fingerprint Lock for Android is the application that is quiet fun to amuse your friends when you are fed up or bored of something. As the name suggests this app is associated with fingerprint security that seems like its really reading your finger print using biometrics and locking up your device, but no such thing actual happens.

In fact, this Fingerprint Lock app works just like a fingerprint scanner that simulates a fingerprint scan in your device that does not actually save your fingerprint to later unlock the android Smartphone.

This Fingerprint Lock for Android app has vibration option, sound option, disable back button options to make it more realistic and fool around with your friends. However, this app is quite entertaining at first, make sure you pretend as if it is really works to fool your friends, it can be fun but may get repetitive after a while.

Tip: Touch the android screen to the top right to lock the device and top left to unlock.

Fingerprint Lock for android

Fingerprint Lock

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