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by: Cheetah Mobile ( Free ) | Updated On: 14 September 2014

Version: 5.6.0 License Type: Free
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Operating System: Android
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Category:  Android, Tools

Clean Master Phone Boost  App is an all-in-one Android Cleaner and security app for your android mobile which is available at free of  cost. Clean Master for Android is said to be all-in-one because it does multiple functions like erasing  the history in order to free the memory space of your android device, killing the background process, boosting the performance of android devices, providing the privacy.  Clean Master Phone Boost allows you to boost memory, enhance speed, reclaim storage and secure your device against malicious apps and vulnerabilities.

Free download Clean Master Phone Boost android app or Clean Master Phone Boost apk on your phone easily and quickly.The program Clean Master Phone Boost for Android is developed by Cheetah Mobile. The Clean Master Phone Boost android will support Android 2.2 and up operating systems, Available at free of cost in Google Play Store; Requires Android phone or Tablet, download Clean Master Phone Boost Free android app or Clean Master Phone Boost Free android apk file on app directory for your mobile.

clean master

clean master

   Clean Master Phone Boost  Features:

  1.  powerful cleaner to clear the history, cleans the cache and residual files so that memory space availability will increase in turn  increases the functionality of device.
  2. Erases the sms/mms, web browser history which may be personal to you.
  3. Kills the tasks which are running in the background to improve speed of your android device.
  4. A more convenient way to boost android memory with a simple click.
  5. Best app manager which assists your android device by Uninstalling apps and providing backup assistance to help you manage your apps.

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