Paytm App For Android, iPhone and Windows Mobiles

Paytm is an incredible, all in one app for online recharge, online Bill payments and  online Bus ticket booking.

 Paytm  provides secured and faster service for online recharge, bill payments,bus ticket booking. You can recharge your mobile phones, DTH services and Data Cards with in seconds.You can pay bills online for landline phones, datacards, electricity and  Gas services.

Paytm provides 24*7 support and keeps money safely with it. You can pay bills by credit card, debit card or Paytm Cash on Paytmand also through netbanking.Along with prepaid recharge you can also pay for post paid bills also.  you are always assured that your information is always secure with Paytm. Paytm is PCI-DSS certified and uses encryption to protect all your information.

Paytm also gives coupons which are worth of RS 10,000.


Paytm App

Paytm App

hike messenger

hike messenger is a simple messenger app which enables you to keep in touch with your friends.with hike messenger you can send free messages to your friends who are on hike and also  to those who are not on hike. hike messenger is faster, you can also send amazing stickers in your message.hike messenger also provides security by encrypting your message over Wi-Fi. even if your friends are offline still messages can be sent, your status updates will be shared among your friends, there will be central hub to view your friends can also send photos, videos, voice messages can also be sent.


hike messenger

hike messenger

Tester IR Remote Control FREE


Tester IR Remote Control is a free android app which helps you to check whether remote, batteries  are actually working or not. The Tester IR Remote Control FREE app allows you to find out if your remote control is emitting any signals or not and also to view the light quality whether it is faint or strong. You just have to point the remote control in the direction of the light sensor, or in the direction of front camera or rear camera in case the front camera is unavailable and then press any key on the remote.  The cameras will capture the IR light that the remote control emits and you can view the same in the preview frame. A colored bar that indicates the brightness levels of the remote control is shown by means of the light sensor. A necessary requirement while testing is that the remote control should be near to the light sensor or front or rear camera and also the app is used in low lighting conditions.

Tester IR Remote Control F

Tester IR Remote Control

FREE DOWNLOAD:Tester IR Remote Control FREE
OS:Android 2.3 above

Apps Installer Android App

Some of the useful applications for the android device might be available in the internet, which can be easily downloaded into the computer. If these applications have to be transferred onto the android mobile to see them work for the device, it is necessary to have some software acting as interface to do that. One of such applications is the android apps installer.

This software meant for application installation from computer to android phone can be initially installed into the computer. Then the mobile can be connected to the system with the help of Wi-Fi or USB port. Once the two devices are connected, the Apps installer can be operated by going to the menu where the options for installing application from PC can be chosen. Apart from this event, other events like uninstalling application from the android also can be done. The software “Apps Installer for Android” has a main menu called “App”. This menu panel can be opened where all the applications installed will be listed. Then a button meant for transferring applications from PC can be clicked to get the application installed into the android device.

Operating System:Android 1.6 or above

RemoteDroid | Control Mac or PC remotely

RemoteDroid for Android


RemoteDroid is an easy and problem free set up application that enables  you to control Mac or PC remotely; more specifically, it turns your android Smartphone touch screen into a proxy touchpad for your desktop with the wireless network connection.

Android is not just amazing at running great apps on its screen but also remarkably proficient at monitoring applications ranging from desktop to entire operating systems. This app has multi-platform support for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You get to install two RemoteDroid applications, one on your android device and other on your desktop PC (Java bases).

Amazingly simple and user friendly, working straight out of the box and get rid of carrying hypertensive touch pads or mouse for your laptops or PC’s. As long as you are connected to the wireless network you can benefit a lot of this app by turning your android Smartphone into a mouse, enable multiple gestures, easy to use interface and remotely connect to your PC.  Nothing more or less it has remarkable full cursor and text control from a miniature screen onto a much bigger one.

 Developer  | Operating System: Android

Google Docs for Android

Google Docs for android

Google Docs is the application specially designed for android devices by which documents can be edited, created and shared.  Google Docs is designed for making the user to save some time in searching for the documents. The business personnel or collaborators can easily and quickly look at the changes you make in the documents. The spreadsheets can be made some changes very quickly by installing this application in the android device.

The PDFs, other documents, presentations and spreadsheets can be viewed with the help of this application. The documents can be marked as offline to create the possibility to view them even when the internet connection is absent. The files can be uploaded and their format can be converted to the Google documents format. The printed text can be photographed and converted into the Google document.

The contacts in the device can be shared with the Google documents. The experience of Google docs in android devices will be an advantage for the large screens in tablets. For Google docs to be installed into androids the version of android compatible will be 2.1 or higher than that. A widget can be kept on the home screen to access the application directly.

 Developer:Google Inc | Operating System: Android 2.1 or above | Version:1.0.54

jumping monkey

Jumping Monkey

The most exciting and interesting game app in android mobiles is jumping monkey. The only way to use this app is to play the game of Jumping Monkey.The game is all about shaking the mobile. As you shake the mobile the little monkey moves and jumps according to the movement of the device. This gives utmost fun where the monkey jumps as if it is a real monkey.

The sounds add extra fun to the game. The sounds produced by the monkey while jumping and the actions of the monkey give us a real joy. It makes feel like as if the monkey dances with joy. According to the movements of the device the monkey performs its actions and sounds which gives ultimate entertainment.

Winamp for Android

Winamp for Android


Winamp is an ultimate media payer for android users with mind blasting features of free wireless desktop synching, shout cast radio, now playing, persistent player controls, widget player and shortcuts, scrobbling and more.

This app facilitates a 10 band graphic equalizer with customized home screen, and cross fade between playbacks; moreover the integrated SHOUTcast Radio directory streams over 40,000 internet radio stations to juice you up all day long with music and media.

Winamp for Android

More precisely it is a complete media management solution that manages music files on your android device and synchs with your Winamp desktop library with USB or Wi-Fi connection.

Leave all your tangled cables behind with the wireless desktop synch by enabling Wi-Fi synch. Play, pause, change tracks or manage queue playlists with a simple go of controls. Drag and drop your favorite music files into the temporary track listing play queue management feature to enjoy music one at a time. This app enables you to add shortcuts and enable playlist from the lock screen with info on album art, song and more.


Winamp 1.2 (4.7 MB/ Freeware)

Google Goggles for Android

google goggles for androidGoogle Goggles Description:

Google Goggles is an application, which in its shutter mode will scan the items that are present in the camera frame without making use of the shutter button. Google Goggles application can help in viewing the Google in search mode based on any product, book, landmark and any artwork.Google Goggles  provides the facility of translating the text present in the picture and attaches to it the contact details of the place. To carry out these functions, the snapshot mode is available in this application.

The image or the picture that has any  text can be recognized by this application apart from using it in continuous mode. This can identify the newspaper article that is available online and the references that are mentioned in the article.

The Goggle feature helps in improving the function that suggests the system to learn new objects and items before attempting to identify them. Goggles help to get product information by scanning the bar codes and QR codes. The images of the text written in foreign language can be translated and the language can be recognized by optical character recognition method. This app can identify the paintings, CDs, books, DVDs and any image. It is also known to be solving Sudoku puzzles.

 Developer:Google Inc | Operating System: Android 2.1 or above | Version: 1.7.1

Barcode Scanner for Android

Barcode Scanner for android

Barcode Scanner Description:

Bar code scanner is the new application of android which is a special feature that helps the android users a lot.Bar code scanner helps the user to search a wide range of QR codes and scan them so that the other android applications can be downloaded. The user phone can be added with any contact and the web link can be approached easily with the help of bar code scanner.
The bar codes on the retail products can be read using this feature called as bar code scanner which is observed to stimulate the web searching for the product that is recognized from the bar code. Compared to other applications that search for the products and finding them after being scanned, bar code scanner appears to be simple and is used for multi purposes.
The bar code scanner helps in scanning the bar codes present on the CDs, any products and books. The prices can be searched for and a word can be searched in the book and found where it is present. The QR codes that might include contact information or calendar events or URLs are scanned using this application. This application for androids helps the users to scan the bar codes which are present in 1D and 2D formats.

Developer:ZXing Team
Current Version:Varies with device
Requires Android:Varies with device
Size:Varies with device